COVID-19 Restrictions

At Q-CLASS we are working hard to provide access to healthcare while protecting vulnerable children and maintaining compliance with government public healthcare directives.

All Staff Are Fully Vaccinated

As of December 17th, 2021, it will be mandatory for all health workers (including those working in private practice) to be double vaccinated.
All Q-CLASS staff have been vaccinated in line with this directive.

Restricted Entry For Unvaccinated Individuals

As of December 17th, 2021, Queensland businesses in vulnerable settings will be required to restrict entry of individuals aged over 16 years who are unvaccinated.

Who can visit the clinic?


Parents, guardians, or siblings who are unwell:

Parents, guardians and siblings who are unwell should not attend the clinic regardless of vaccination status.

Vaccinated parents / guardians:

Those individuals who are double vaccinated against COVID-19 and who are well will be permitted entry into our clinic.

Unvaccinated parents and guardians:

Only one unvaccinated parent or guardian who is well will be allowed to attend an appointment with their child. The parent or guardian will be required to wear a surgical mask (surgical masks will be provided if required).

Patients who are unwell:

If your child is unwell (cough, fever, runny nose etc) you will need to discuss your child’s attendance with our reception staff so we can take appropriate precautions. If this is not the reason they are coming to see us, please contact the reception staff and we will arrange either a telehealth appointment or rearrange the appointment time.

If your child is attending because of a cough or respiratory illness we will still see your child but we will need to take special precautions. Your child must have had a negative COVID test in the 24h prior to attending the appointment (this may include a rapid COVID test with a photo of the result on your phone). Please wait in your car in the car park and call the reception staff on arrival. Our staff will let you know when to come into the clinic.

Checking In

All clients attending the clinic will be required to check in on arrival.


Thank you for your understanding. Please contact our reception staff on 31610377 if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,
Dr Scott Burgess, Clinic Director

Queensland Children’s Lung and Sleep Specialists

639 Stanley Street, Woolloongabba QLD 4102

Phone: 07 3161 0377


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