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About Our Fees

At Q-CLASS we are dedicated to providing timely, high quality and compassionate care.

We are a private billing clinic. The following information regarding our fees is provided as we believe in financial transparency and are keen to ensure that our clients have a clear understanding of the costs associated with appointments and hospital admissions.

Our fees are in line with or lower than most other specialists. We also provide many additional services at no additional cost.

Our reception staff will provide additional information at the time of booking an appointment.

Sick Child Needing Respiratory Medicine

Dr Burgess

Dr Suresh

Dr Chacko

Fees for Drs Burgess, Suresh & Chacko

Respiratory and Sleep Paediatricians

New appointments

The consultation fee for a new appointment ranges from $340-$425 before the Medicare rebate. The maximum out of pocket cost after the Medicare rebate ranges from $175-197 depending upon the Medicare item number charged during the consultation. Follow-up appointments are charged at a lower rate.

Additional tests

Unlike most practices there is no additional charge for other tests or procedures performed during an appointment. For example there is no additional charge if your doctor arranges lung function testing, actigraphy, exercise testing etc.

Telehealth consultations

Telehealth consultations (video) are available for your convenience. Most consultations are billed at the same rate as face to face consultations and Medicare rebates are often available. Please contact our reception staff for further details.

Hospital admissions and Hospital sleep studies:

There is no gap payment from Q-CLASS doctors for patients when admitted to the Mater Hospital for treatment or investigation including sleep studies, bronchoscopy or overnight oximetry. Although, fees from your health fund, other specialists or hospital may apply.

Home sleep studies and home oximetry

Some of our physicians offer home sleep studies and home oximetry which are commonly chosen by parents because their child is not covered by private health insurance. There is no private health fund or Medicare rebate for these services. We provide these services at a reduced fee (we do not make a profit from them). The charge for a home sleep study is $240 and home oximetry is $100.


There is limited free onsite parking.

Families experiencing significant financial strain

If your family is experiencing significant financial strain and you have a health care card or pension please talk with our reception staff.

Dr Shirley

Fees for Dr Shirley

GP with an interest in infant and child sleep problems

New appointments

$230 for a new 50-60 minute consultation. There is no associated Medicare rebate. Our reception staff will happily provide further information.

Fiona Hudson

Fees for Fiona Hudson


New and followup appointments

$200. The Medicare rebate is $93.35 and the typical out of pocket cost is $106.65. A valid referral is required for the Medicare rebate. Our reception staff will happily provide further information.

Dr Melo

Fees for Dr Melo

Paediatric Allergist and Immunologist

New appointments

The consultation fee for the first consultation ranges from $380-$480 with a Medicare rebate of between $229 – $236. Skin prick testing will cost an additional $75 to $90 with Medicare rebate of $36.45

There may be additional charges for skin prick testing or allergy challenges. Medicare rebates do apply for these tests and vary depending upon the test. Our reception staff will happily provide further information.

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Respiratory Medicine

We manage Asthma, Coughing, Chest Infections & more.
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Sleep Medicine

We can assist with any sleep problem affecting infants to teenagers.
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Sleep Studies

Sleep studies provide information about breathing during sleep and sleep quality.
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Allergies & Immunology

Dr Mariana Melo manages allergies and immune problems in children of all ages.
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Paediatric Psychologist

Fiona Hudson is a paediatric psychologist who offers a comprehensive mental health service for children, adults and families.
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Infant Sleep Service

Dr Beth Shirley is a fully qualified GP who manages common sleep and settling problems affecting babies and preschool children.
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Telehealth Consultations

For families who are in quarantine, who are at risk or live a long distance from our practice; video and phone consultations are available.
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Lung Function Testing

We have a lung function laboratory performing simple and complex lung function testing.
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Specialist Asthma Care

Drs Burgess, Suresh and Chacko are highly trained and have extensive experience with asthma assisting with diagnosis and treatment.
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