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Paediatric Psychology

More than a third of children may experience sleep problems. This can range from not wanting to go to bed, not staying in their bed, having nightmares, sleep walking, difficulty settling into sleep, wanting parents to stay in the bedroom until the child falls asleep, snoring, sleep apnoea … the list goes on! Often emotional issues such as anxiety can play a part.

If you child is experiencing sleeping difficulties, often a psychologist can provide immense assistance.

Fiona Hudson is a CBT trained psychologist specializing in the treatment of sleep and emotional difficulties in child and adolescents.  Child Psychologist

Fiona has extensive experience working within a Child and Youth Mental Health setting both in Australia and England, where she was privileged to work within the Child and Family Department of the Tavistock Clinic in London. Since returning to Australia in 2006, Fiona has worked at the Mater Children’s Hospital with a focus on chronic illness (Respiratory) and mental health and Sleep Psychology.

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