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Sleep Studies Studies

Sleep Studies are an extremely useful tool for evaluating sleeping problems in children.  The test provides lots of information about breathing during sleep and the pattern of sleep during the night it is performed. Sleep studies are most commonly performed in a child who snores to tell if they have obstructive sleep apnoea.  However, sleep studies may be performed in order to provide more information about their breathing during sleep or the quality of their sleep and can be helpful in a range of conditions.

Dr Burgess and Dr Suresh work in collaboration with Queensland Sleep to provide timely and affordable private sleep studies for children aged 1 year and older.

The sleep studies are performed at the Mater Private Children’s Hospital (South Brisbane) and they are reported by Dr Suresh and Dr Burgess.  To find out more about obtaining a sleep study, please contact our reception staff on (07) 3161 0377.

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