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Sleeping problems in infants

Sleeping problems in infants

Queensland Children’s Lung and Sleep Specialists offers a unique sleep consultancy service.  We understand that parenting can be joyful, but it can often include feelings of being overwhelmed, sleep deprived and confused about the plethora of information (and sometimes conflicting opinions) given by well-meaning friends, family or acquaintances.

Help is at hand!

Our medical team includes Dr Beth Shirley.  Dr Shirley is a General Practitioner with experience dealing with sleep problems in infants through to preschoolers.  As a GP she can provide a truly holistic assessment of your situation

What are common sleep problems seen in the clinic?

Baby sleeping in a cot• Babies that are waking frequently at night
• Babies and children that have difficulty getting to sleep
• Early wakers
• Night weaning
• Transitioning toddlers out of a cot and into a bed
• Helping babies or toddlers transition from parents’ bed into their own sleep space
• Night terrors
• Unsettled babies
• Anxiety around bedtime in children

Frequently asked questions:

What age are the patients you see?

I am happy to see patients up to school age so they are usually aged from 6 weeks to 6 years old.

 What happens in an appointment?

All initial appointments are one hour long to give us time to discuss your child’s sleep concern in depth. A comprehensive medical and sleep history will be discussed and your child will be examined. We will then tailor a plan to help with your child’s particular sleep concern. I can refer to other members of the QCLASS team for further investigation and management if required.

 Do I need a referral to see you?

I am a GP therefore you don’t need a referral to see me. Just ring up our friendly reception staff and make an appointment on 07 3161 0377.

 I don’t want to leave my baby to “cry it out”. Are there any other options available that can help me and my child get more sleep?

I frequently see parents who don’t want to leave their child to “cry it out” or have tried these types of strategies and have found that they did not work. The good news is that there are other methods available where you can slowly change your child’s sleep routine to encourage them to be able to fall asleep more independently without leaving them alone.

 Are you happy to see babies less than 6 month of age who are unsettled?

I am very happy to see younger babies. With this age group I encourage parents to try to respond to their baby’s needs as best they can to keep them as settled as possible and I can discuss strategies families can try to achieve this end. Often unsettled babies have some feeding concerns and I am usually able to do a feeding assessment during your visit (if your baby is hungry!) I have done further training in breastfeeding medicine.

 Do you offer an overnight service?

No I don’t offer an overnight service. In some instances I will refer families to facilities such as the Brisbane Nurture Centre or the Ellen Barron Family Centre if they desire it.

 Do you prescribe medications to help children sleep?

I do not prescribe medications to help with sleep in children. If you think your child may need medication to help with their sleep then seeing your child’s paediatrician first to discuss this is advisable.

For more information, see Dr Shirley’s website