Brisbane Sleep Studies

What Is A Sleep Study?

A sleep study (or polysomnogram) provides information about breathing during sleep and sleep quality. A sleep study is most commonly performed when a child snores or is restless during sleep.

Why Have A Sleep Study With Us?

  • No Long Waiting List
  • High Quality Sleep Studies
  • Option Of Hospital Or Home Based Sleep Studies

Sleep Study Options

Hospital Sleep Studies

Children sleep overnight in a specially designed sleep laboratory.

Their brain waves, breathing, movement and oxygen levels are monitored with special equipment.

Nothing hurts and most children sleep normally.
There is a bed / cot for your child and a full size bed for you to stay with them.

Home Sleep Studies

A sleep study can be conducted in your home.

The sleep study equipment is attached to your child in our practice in the afternoon, your child returns home and the equipment is returned the following business day.

There is on-call telephone support throughout the night if required.

Hospital Study Details


Mater Hospital, Salmon Building – Level 4, Raymond Terrace, South Brisbane.


Hospital studies are typically covered by private health funds.

Depending upon your policy an excess may apply – please discuss with your insurance provider.

Item numbers 12210 (<12 years) or 12213 (12 years and older).

Uninsured – the Mater hospital charges approximately $900 (this fee may change at the discretion of the Mater Hospital).

There is no additional “gap” payment for those with or without insurance.

Home Study Details


Set-up in our rooms in Woollongabba and performed in your own home or nearby hotel (for those living outside the Brisbane area).


$240 in addition to consultation fee.
There is no medicare or private health insurance rebate for a home study.

Do You Or Your Doctor Feel Your Child Needs A Sleep Study?

Contact QCLASS on (07) 3161 0377 for further details.

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